A Nightmare on Elm Street

Movie · 1984 · · 12. March 2008

A common nightmare appears in the neighborhood, the first to taste the knife is a teenage girl who recently had sex before marriage, quite typically, in a fun way. That she dreams of being killed is no obstacle to the murder actually happening. The friends who have also dreamed of the scary man with the burnt face and four knife blades in the glove, the after a while legendary Freddy Kreuger, are of course not believed when the police are set to investigate.

So I started with A Nightmare on Elm Street, and by that I mean the whole movie series. This film from 1984 has received seven sequels if you are to count Freddy vs. Jason.

Wes Craven's teenage thriller has something going on for itself, it's Johnny Depp's debut film and he has a pretty important supporting role in the film. It is the supporting role that gets the most time after Heather Langenkamp as Nancy in the lead role and Robert Englund. Robert Englund plays the scary beast of a human, Freddy, who due to the mixture between dream and reality gets an imaginative leeway to carry out the most bestial kills.

A Nightmare on Elm Street has most things in place. It has characters that blend nicely into the plot, a monster of a killer, a fine balance between reality and supernatural elements, a structure that fits well with the genre and enough blood. For my part, it never gets scary, but it is funny in a perverted way, and often I thought it was quite entertaining.

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