Atlantic Crossing

Series · 2020 · · 15. March 2021

In Atlantic Crossing, we mainly follow the Crown Princess of Norway, the Crown Prince and their experiences during World War II. At that time, Märtha was the Crown Princess, and Olav was the Crown Prize.

The eight-episode miniseries is based on true events. Like many other films and series, it has a solid dose of imagination. It's a fiction series.

Some critics was merciless to the series when it was released. It has thus been okay to wait a bit to see the series, to avoid most of the noise that was circulating in the news at that time.

Seen and reviewed as a series where the level of truth is insignificant, but also interesting for further research of actual events in other sources, Atlantic Crossing is a completely decent series. It is a drama that dwells a lot on a few to little points, both the small ones in individual episodes, but also across the eight episodes. The story, on the other hand, is interesting, so it made up for the lack of fresh content.

The part about the story being interesting means that if left me wanting to know more than the series could deliver. So despite being ok as entertainment, there is no recommendation from me for this.

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