Best of the Worst

Series · 2013 · · 1. January 2021

Best of the Worst is a series by Red Letter Media made for the internet, about bad movies. A fun series to watch from time to time, and one that I always watch, but do not always follow so closely when I have turned it on.

I'm a big fan of Half in the Bag, which is about new films, which the same gang is behind. But Best of the Worst also has some great episodes. It varies a lot what movies they watch, and they have different concepts for the structure of the episodes.

In some episodes, they spin a wheel and watch random and gruesome movies that can be anything from instructional movies from the 1990s to animal movies. Other times they go more thematically to work and watch a special type of film from a special period. Then it can be interesting.

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  • Best of the Worst 2013 post - Filmdagbok
  • Best of the Worst 2013 post - Filmdagbok