Escape from New York

Movie · 1981 · · 13. September 2007

Escape from New York. The title alone is very exciting. It gives us an insight into what the film is about, and makes us ask the question: Why would anyone want to flee New York?

The question is shed light on quite early in the film, when it is made clear that Manhattan, after a massive crime increase in 1988, was closed off and turned into an open prison.

Nine years later. Snake (Kurt Russell) is on his way to prison, but gets an last minute ultimatum. A rescue operation that includes getting in and out unseen within 23 hours.

Then it's just for me to list more names. John Carpenter delivers good direction and music. The presentation of 1997 is not so different from the future vision in The Warriors, but we do not get the colorful costume like there. Isaac Hayes is a gang leader in prison, a person adapted to the only way Isaac Hayes knows how to act. Harry Dean Stanton, Ernest Borgnine and Lee Van Cleef are other names involved.

John Carpenter has managed to create a dark and dirty Manhattan in an otherwise exciting film. Expect no spectacular special effects, but a very complete environment.

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