Freddy vs. Jason

Movie · 2003 · · 17. March 2008

An unnecessarily eighth lag in the series of A Nightmare on Elm Street films, in which Freddy receives help and resistance from Friday the 13th character Jason. Freddy vs. Jason is nothing more than a straight forward slasher film with no deeper motivation in character development or history than making the plot move forward.

Pure slasher movies are not my thing. I prefer shudder to gore. Freddy vs. Jason is nowhere near being scary and can only make me jump in the chair a little, something a comedy can easily make a person suddenly jump into the picture.

I have a mixed relationship with director Ronny Yu, Huo yuanjia with Jet Li was great, but here he has contributed little more than making the film look good. The technical aspects of sound and image are of a high standard. Decent actors have been well enough utilized. But history did not make sense.

The biggest problem I have with this is the build-up, here it is straightforward from the start, something that makes me get bored quickly and especially the fights between Freddy and Jason are meaningless when I know five seconds into every fight that it never will lead to other than draining the producer's budget.

So how to defend the rating? Freddy is truly evil. I have no relationship with Jason from previous films, and he does not appear to be anything other than a moving monument. Here are some actors I do not necessarily think are the best, but still have a relationship with through TV and other films, and think is fun enough to see again. The film never suffered from looking cheap either. Such on the plus side, and the other on the minus side, Freddy vs. Jason is actually right in the middle of the tree.

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