Movie · 2013 · · 10. April 2014

Frozen is great. Visually, there is little to criticize about the film, but best of all is the history and structure of the film, great animated characters and acceptable song numbers.

Frozen is about a young princess who later becomes queen, and who can freeze things she tocuhes. And about her younger sister. After an accident at a young age, they have been kept separated at the castle, and the younger sister does not know why. When the princess is about to become queen, things happen.

What was the deciding part for me, what made me really like the film, was as I initially mentioned a mixture of several reasons. The result of these was that I never got bored for a minute. It was a nice dose of drama and seriousness with humor. The characters were easy to follow and like, with a slight twist here and there. The film never loses its grip on revolving around the younger princess' relationship with the older one meant a lot. Because in Frozen, a lot of other things happen that could easily have taken up more of the movie's time.

As a kind of bonus, this is also an almost classic princess story from Disney's side, with magic, adventurous surroundings and all that.

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