Half in the Bag

Series · 2011 · · 1. January 2022

Half in the Bag is a series made for the internet that can be characterized as a mixture of film reviews and a situation comedy from the 1980s. First of all, the former. While the other is to frame the content and put us in the right mood, at the same time make this something more than your standard video blog.

I have been watching Half in the Bag since 2012, and is what you can call a true follower. Every time a new episode comes out, I jump right at it. To a greater and greater degree. After a quarter of an hour I have lost interest in seeing many of the great new films they are talking about.

In fact, I like to watch Mike Stoklasa, Jay Bauman, and sometimes Rich Evans talk about a movie for three quarters of an hour rather than watch the movie they are talking about that lasts twice as long. Now the film reviews are usually shorter, but this was to make a point.

I do not necessarily agree with all they are saying, and my taste in film and ideology is probably different than theirs. It's just as much about knowing what a critic's relationship with different movies is, so his or her opinions can give me a glimpse into what my own relationship with a movie will be. Here also comes a reason to be faithful to reviewers.

If Half in the Bag does not completely change the concept, I will probably follow the show to the end.

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