Made in Italy

Movie · 2020 · · 27. June 2021

Made in Italy is portrayed as a heartwarming comedy that takes place in Tuscany, Italy. And this was in the middle of nowhere to round off the week.

In key roles are Liam Neeson as father and Micheál Richardson as adult son, who does not have the closest relationship. They own a house in Tuscany in teams, which the son is now pushing to get sold, when he needs the money.

But in Italy, a house is waiting that needs renovation, and along the way, personal things happen to both father and son as well. Things that should delight and touch.

The film has a well-known structure on the structure, and makes the whole thing easier for uncomplicated seafarer involvement. It is a romanticizing side of Italy that is presented, and most of it is enjoyable. And that the film is able to make the serious moments good as well.

At the end I thought I would go through a list of similarly romanticizing and English-language films that do similar approvals with Italy as a backdrop and which may be worth seeing: Under the Tuscan Sun, Letters to Juliet, Den skaldede frisør and Only You.

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