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The Norwegian Netflix series Ragnarok premiered on January 31, 2020. With a first season of just six episodes, it was a quick watch to see them all. Helped by the fact that the episodes give just so little real content, that you have to watch the next episode straight away. I therefore recommend taking the time to see the whole season without too much pause.

The series mixes genres such as the supernatural, youth series and Norse mythology. Most of all, it's a youth series. There are small glimpses of the Norse mythology in the surroundings and characters, but not enough. There is also not much about the supernatural, but in a more tasteful way.

The series has well-known Norwegian actors from Skam and Heimebane. Bjørn Sundquist sneaks into the background once in a while without saying too much. And Henriette Steenstrup and Odd-Magnus Williamson have central roles as parents. The action takes place in a town that has been named Edda, which is recorded in Odda in Norway.

Magne (David Stakston), his brother and mother move to Edda. Shortly after they arrive, Magne discover that he has acquired supernatural powers, reminiscent of the powers of the Norse god Thor.

Magne becomes friends with Isolde, a fanatical environmentalist. And when something happens to her, he starts investigating.

The series is characterized by conveying politically correct environmental policy, and this reduces the enjoyment of it somewhat. It could have been an acceptable backdrop, but appears to be an unoriginal and one of many one-way voices in Norway as of 2020. I miss more of the Norse mythology and the criminal element, and development of the story in general. The entertainment value in the genre mix benefits the series, and the fact that the series is a new to me also help.

One and a half years later, I write further with the following words about the second season. The series has picked up. It builds up to something more interesting. All in all, it still happens a little too little. The series is burdened by its format. By that I mean that the story could have done better as a film. But I looked for entertainment, and the impression I am left with after the second season is better than what I had after the first.

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  • Ragnarok 2020 post - Filmdagbok


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