Series · 2015–2017 · · 3. March 2018

The Norwegian series Skam ran over four seasons between 2015 and 2017. It has received many foreign remakes. Among other SKAM Austin that Facebook Watch released.

The phenomenon of Skam is so extensive that I will not try to explain it. I never watched the series until it was over, and then I watched the episodes continuously from start to finish. The whole thing with small drops and activity on social media ahead of each episode that came every week, I was not part of.

The series is about young people in Oslo in a realistic way. Probably so. It is upbringing drama, russetid, pressure, love and everything else that belongs to youth life. The style and structure of the series is not exhaustive. It gives me as a viewer the desire for more. Skam succeeds here very well. The episodes are of varying length. Suddenly it can end in about ten minutes. Other times it can take half an hour.

In short, I would say that Skam has catchy drama and a just enough episodes. Many youth series I have seen have managed to capture me, but they have often lasted too long. Skam ended while being on top, both for each season and in the number of seasons.

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