Movie · 2018 · · 31. August 2018

Skjelvet is a sequel to the Norwegian film Bølgen, but can well be seen as an independent film. This was also my starting point when I was going to see Skjelvet at the cinema. While when I now write this film message I have also seen Bølgen.

The plot in this film is simple as in a good old-fashioned B-movie. A man discovers that Oslo will most likely be hit by an earthquake in the near future, but he is not believed. Then comes the quake, and he must save himself and his family from disaster.

Kristoffer Joner repeats his role as geologist Kristian Eikjord from Bølgen, who once again ends up in the middle of a major natural disaster. In addition to not being believed, he also has a background in Bølgen here, the starting point being that he struggled mentally after the experience in Geiranger.

The film is compact and does not waste much time on anything other than the main plot. It is refreshingly uncomplicated. The fact that there is no slow parts in the film also means that he is perceived as short, even though it is 105 minutes long. This is well helped by the fact that the film does not drag out the end, but ends as fast as it can and should.

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