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Series · 1987 · · 25. December 2016

Not long after I completed Star Trek, I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. This is a series I had heard about to a greater extent, and had higher expectations for. But I wanted to see the original series first, to have started in the right place.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is about the crew of the spaceship Enterprise, and is set a hundred years after the time period of the first series. Gene Roddenberry is also the creator of this series, which means that it is not seen as a detour, but a sequel. Unlike later series.

During seven good seasons, we join a crew on small and large adventures across time and space. Most often a new story is told in an episode, and sometimes across two. Although stories rarely go beyond this, the series is cohesive. Something that means that we get character development and a somewhat background story arch over time. It is enough to create familiarity and keep a little extra interest.

178 episodes are a lot, and not all are equally good. Fortunately, it is only in a few episodes that my concentration fails, and the series has a large number of insanely good episodes that are both exciting and thematically interesting. These really good episodes appears across the entire series. As late as the very last episode is a memorable episode when taking all series I've seen into consideration.

Compared to the original Star Trek series from 1966, which was also good, but in a different way, Star Trek: The Next Generation probably goes deeper and offers more of the good. Should I choose to recommend one, it must be this one. Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of seeing both, something that has taken me further into the fictional Star Trek universe.

Considering the length and ability to keep my interest all the way, I could almost go for a top ranking. Which is a high reach. The main reason is that I have seen series where I have been more involved, and thus gotten something more out of it. Although series are different and thus have different goals, I am confident in the ranking of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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