The Sopranos

Series · 1999 · · 5. April 2008

The Sopranos was the series that got me interested in series. It was the first series I bought, which showed me that series could have at least as good production quality as a film, and preferably better characters. I was still young, and had not seen many other series at all.

As it developed into one of my favorite series of all time, I should have written a more comprehensive text. A text that to a greater extent could show my enthusiasm for the series when it was at the top, and more accurately explain why I did not think the series managed to stay on top until the end.

I've seen parts of The Sopranos several times while I wait for the next few seasons to come. It was once said that the series would give way after four seasons. Had this happened, the wholeness would have been near perfect.

The sixth season was the last, and it was split in two. The first part was sad and boring. A series should be allowed to change, explore new ways of expressing itself. The Sopranos was for a long time a fresh series that used such methods. Unfortunately, this is gone in the fifth season, and did not return until the last episodes of the sixth season.

I must say I am satisfied with the series conclusion. There were several good episodes towards the end. They finished worthy of returning to former glory. Apart from this, I do not want to say much more. But if you were disappointed along the way, then the end will probably weigh up.

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