The Station Agent

Movie · 2003 · · 30. March 2006

The film is like the main character Finbar, a bit lacking in dialogue, but this gives me plenty of time to notice what makes the film so good and calm: Fantastic photo make me feel good calm, and sometimes pull on the smile band.

If you are looking for the kind of comedy that is just looking to make money without conveying any meaning, a mass-produced Hollywood comedy with its sentence jokes, then you should shadow away. The humor here is not necessarily intelligent, but he is probably more directed towards the pensive.

The people leading the camera seemed well chosen. Peter Dinklage appears to be a withdrawn, but still not pathetic, train-interested man. Michelle Williams, perhaps best known from the series Dawson's Creek, appears as a librarian. And Bobby Cannavale gives us cheerful, but deep down a little more serious, Joe. John Slattery sticks his head in the door, as the tight suit David, a role that seems like he is a character directly from the series Jack & Bobby, even if that series did not come until the following year.

This was truly a film that I liked.

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