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Series · 1990 · · 17. May 2007

It's always weird to start a series that I've heard so much talk about over the years, but never taken the time or energy to watch. Twin Peaks has never been more for me than the David Lynch series. The cult series that was canceled or was the favorite series of many. When I stood at Platekompaniet yesterday and considered which series I should spend money on, it was Twin Peaks that took most of the focus. Why not, I thought, maybe it's time.

When a popular girl is found murdered in the town of Twin Peaks, FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is sent to investigate, but soon discovers that there are more strange things happening in the town.

The pilot episode starts with a long version of the opening sequence, and with its dreamy music by Angelo Badalamenti takes me straight into something I undertand that will not be a completely normal town. There is a mysterious atmosphere that hangs over the series, but it is not always as gloomy. When there is no murder, blood and conspiracies going on, the series can be cheerful and fun. Emotions vary from tragedy to happiness, and it can be a strong mix.

The series is a coherent story, without individual episodic, short stories. It is therefore incredibly easy to get hooked, and it works when there are only seven episodes of the first season.

The second season of Twin Peaks was long overdue. It took about five years from the first season came on DVD, to the first part second season. Many have waited and waited, I myself had my first meeting with the series in the autumn of 2006.

In January, the first part of the second season came out with eleven episodes, and I jumped on the train. Then it was four new months until the second part of the second season came. The point is that I have seen the series in three rounds; something that may have affected the experience of the second season.

Season two picks up the thread where he was released, and the investigation into the Laura Palmer murder continues. I would say that the series has the same high intensity, good atmosphere and good quality until the middle of the second season. This is where the creators have decided to solve the main mystery, and then take on many new weird ones.

I immediately lost a bit of interest already in the second half of the second season. The series is still good, but not the Twin Peaks I knew and which previously excelled as one of the best series I have seen. In comparison, this is the biggest disappointment. This led to it taking me a few weeks to see through the episodes. At the end, I ask myself if it was really worth it.

For big fans of David Lynch, there is certainly nothing to complain about. Personally, I have a mediocre relationship to the mystery and surrealism of the man, yet if I let myself be impressed by the artistic and deep use of the image medium to produce a mixture of riddles, feelings and so much more that I can not put my finger on.

As a special experience, it is probably worth watching the finished series. If, on the other hand, you have become a fan of Twin Peaks due to the murder of Laura Palmer, you can safely end watching it after eleven episodes of the second season, that is, after 18 episodes in total.

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